You will need
  • - scissors,
  • - PVA glue,
  • - long line,
  • - pencil,
  • - two cardboard tubes,
  • - decorative wooden end caps for curtain rods,
  • - parchment for baking
  • - cardboard,
  • - colored tape.
Determine the desired size of the scroll unfolded, cut a sheet of parchment and raschertite it.
Glue one edge of the parchment to the cardboard tube, and then further strengthen its edge, gluing a sheet of cardboard on the back side. Ready wrap the parchment into a scroll and tie a ribbon with a wax seal. In the side hole of the cardboard tube insert plugs for the rods and secure them with glue.
Creating a scroll, consider it the final size, which includes the additional length curly wooden plugs, glued on both sides. In accordance with the received measurement rascherchivayut parchment.
To plugs held tight, choose a cardboard tube, in which the chosen plug will be held tightly and be inserted with force.
Draw with ink or paint magical symbols, to make it look more colorful.
In addition to parchment for baking you can use ordinary paper, aged by manual method. For aging paper, use strong tea or instant coffee.
Additionally decorate a scroll of leather and metal fragments, and to complete the magical way to make antiqued paper magic book.