Of course, the wedding in our understanding is one of the most exciting and memorable moments of life. But often lack of funds does not allow to organize a "feast for the whole world". If priorities are set properly, it is possible to afford to implement what you want. First of all, it is recommended to draw up a detailed list of costs. This will help to weigh the cost of some aspects and in a quiet environment to understand if they are needed at all or it is possible to simplify them.
Currently renting a Banquet hall is very expensive. A solution to this situation can be the country, especially if it is located close to the city. Guests will have the opportunity to move freely throughout the territory, and the furniture can be arranged exactly as you want. If this option you not suitable, you can apply to the canteens, some of which has an extensive menu and very reasonable prices.
Especially lucky those who are planning to celebrate a wedding in the summer, as in this case, the decoration of the room and bouquets, you can use a garden or meadow flowers. It does not require special skills, as the basics of floristry outlined in many modern editions.
It's much more profitable to purchase products yourself, and not to entrust it to the chefs, as they will add to the cost of goods, and even your own markup. Special attention in the preparation of the menu should be given to seasonal dishes, which, on the one hand, salable, and with another – can be stored for a long time. This also applies to drinks.
For any wedding you need a car, but not necessarily chase the expensive models. Enough to rent a very ordinary, domestic production, but competent design can turn it into a work of art.
Many newlyweds use the services of a toastmaster, which is to entertain guests and watch their mood. The role of a toastmaster can play any acquaintance or friend who is quite cheerful and sociable. Especially because he knows the bride and groom, so his jokes will be accurate and appropriate.
No bride will not agree to save money on the dress because it is gorgeous, rooted in our consciousness along with the dream about the Prince on a white horse from childhood. Grooms are to the choice of attire indifferent, for them the main criterion is purity of things and their comfort.