You will need
  • For the first option: plate, old newspaper, paint, paintbrush, potato starch, utensils for cooking glue. For the second option: a sheet of heavy paper or cardboard (you can also use sheet plastic), scissors, pencil, compass.
The first option. First, prepare the glue, which needs to be cooked out of the water and starch. Put water on the fire and when the water begins to boil, stir in a small amount of starch. Give the paste a bit to simmer and cool.
Moisten selected as the workpiece a bowl of water and stick to her bottom pieces of paper. All you need to do carefully. Then pieces of paper for subsequent layers dip into the paste and lay them on top of each other.
Allow the product to dry well, at least for a night. Then carefully peel off the paper plate. To make it look neat, trim the edges.
Now ready to paper plate can be colored, decorate cards, beads, shells of walnuts, beans, colorful buttons, special napkins for decoupage. Shelled beans can color and when they dry out, stick to the plate and varnish.
A variant of the second. Take a sheet of paper, draw in the middle of the circle.
Cut one of the sides of the small triangle so that its top corner was in the middle of the sheet.
Roll out sheet of a conical Cup. Fix the edges. Fold the pointed end into the product, thereby forming a reinforced bottom plate.
The dish is ready. You can use it as a bowl for dry products or as a decorative object.