Hang clothes on a hanger and boots are stuffed with paper or old Newspapers. Good wet natural leather with water and wait a while, it should start to crack down under the influence of moisture. If after drying the effect is not noticeable, can you repeat that done again, maybe the second time the skin is smoothed. Typically, this method copes with the removal of crumpled parts.
Take a thick cotton cloth and iron the product from the back side (not face) of a conventional iron. The heating temperature should be medium, can enable a couple. Stroking through cheesecloth undesirable, it is too thin, so natural skin can deform somewhat. For Ironing do not use older models of irons, they sometimes spoil a thing, because they have not installed the thermostat.
Finally, you can just proceed to wear the product, and the skin itself gradually relaxed. Try jackets always be stored on hangers, and boots put exactly on the shelf, the rest of the stuff neatly stack, then no problems will arise. Well, if you do not work, contact dry cleaning: there you will iron the product.