You will need
  • - Jack
  • - wooden support.
In order to verify the technical condition of these parts of the engine, the car, which previously dismantled the crankcase, installed on flat ground.
Then, lifting on a Jack any front wheel, along the center of the pallet of the engine, a wooden prop in the form of small cut logs. The machine is lowered and the Jack removed.
Slightly hung out of the engine, visual inspection revealed: the presence of cracks in the cushions, place of curing rubber, as well as the presence of peeling of metal parts from the rubber base.
As shown, the majority of pillows of the engine there is a rupture of elastic components in the mid-section.
By visual inspection, and, finding the aforementioned shortcomings, there is a check backlash mounts engine mounts to the body or the front beam of the car.
For the assessment of the reliability of the engine is deflected in different directions with a tire iron. In cases of detection of unacceptable backlash in the joints of pillows with a body from under the tray motor is removed the previously installed wooden column, and then fastening the supports of the engine are tightened with a wrench 17 mm.