You will need
    • milk 1 liter
    • starter culture (yogurt
    • special lactic acid bacteria and kefir fungus) 6-8 tsp.
    • yogurtnitsa
For making homemade yogurt you will need to boil to simmer a litre of pasteurized milk in aluminum container.
The first appearance on the surface of the milk foam – remove the pan from the heat and remove in a cool place. Once the milk has cooled down, pour it in a glass container.
As a starter you can use special bacteria, kefir mushroom or a small portion of existing yogurt. Add yeast and seal with a lid. Future put the yogurt in a warm place – so the process of fermentation will occur much faster. Exactly a day after the move has already soured the milk in the fridge for a couple hours. After this time the kefir is ready.
To make yogurt from warm milk, you'll need a quart of fresh milk bring to boil and skim off the fire the hot milk to distribute in pots, which should be left to languish in the heated to 50 degree oven for 3-4 hours.
When the milk is ready, cool it slightly and without destroying the layer, which is formed on the surface, enter the starter. After this procedure, the pots need to store it in a warm place under a tightly closed lid.
Once the milk is sufficiently thick, it on the day you have to send in the refrigerator. After 24 hours, homemade yogurt from warm milk ready.
Alternatively, for the manufacture of yogurt you can use yogurt maker. Milk in this case, boil is not necessary, you can use store-bought sterilized. As a starter can also be used organic yogurt with no fillers.