Remove from exposed horizontal surfaces of the statues, unwanted stationery and other stuff. They are dust collectors, attracting small particles of dirt. Let every thing in your house has its place, preferably in closed drawers or cabinets. And even beloved Souvenirs better to hide behind the glass.
Take a clean dry cloth, preferably of soft cloth, and clockwise walk around the entire apartment, wiping dust from all surfaces and objects. After a while you will have a kind of ritual wiping of the dust. Next, go on the same route, but with a damp cloth. To facilitate this you can use modern technology, such as microfiber. In this case, to make repeated wet cleaning is optional. The maximum amount of dust cloth will absorb during the first round.
Thoroughly vacuum rugs, upholstered furniture and even the tiles in the bathroom. Small clumps of dust might be under the bed or behind the battery. And in house dust, especially in the bedroom, scientists have discovered a large number of mites, which feed on dead skin flakes. Try to get out more often if you live in the house Pets or small children.
Those who are allergic to dust, it is recommended to clean the apartment daily. Moreover, the cleaning should be wet so that dust particles will settle on surfaces again. Use a gauze bandage so as not to provoke an attack during the harvest. Also Allergy sufferers can be advised to purchase an air cleaner, which will save them from frequent cleaning and will remove most of the dust in the house.
Try when cleaning to avoid household chemicals. When dry it evenly placed on the surface, becoming the same dustYu. Wipe shelves, which accumulated quite a large number of microparticles causing the cough and the allergies.
Become a winner in the fight against dustYu!