You will need
  • plywood, sticks of different thickness, open-air grille for mounting grille – trim, linoleum, latches, handles, screws.
Ferret to be comfortable, you need to know the minimum requirements for a cage tailored to the needs of the animal: (1) the size of the cells, at least 60х80х45 cm; (2) the presence in the cell of drinkers and feeders; (3) to relax the ferret need a hammock; (4) essential toilet tray; (5) sleep-needs a home-shelter with dimensions of approximately 30х50х30 and the inlet diameter of 10-15 cm
Underestimate these requirements is impossible – the ferret will be uncomfortable, and exceeded – please; the space and the interior of the cell is limited only by the size of the room in which it will be cell, and imagination of the master. Online owners ferrets post ideas not just cells, but these korkovyh palaces, hand made, highlighting, for example, play areas, areas for sleeping, dining area and sitting toilet. The height of these cells can exceed the height of human growth, and the number of levels it corresponds to the number of allocated zones.
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To determine the size and shape of the cells, you need to think in advance its future location. For the health of the animal should avoid overly dark corners, stuffy little ventilated areas, places in the sun, and, conversely, too cold and wet. Having defined the size, you can draw a drawing or sketch of the desired cells, although some do fine without it In the manufacture of the cells will need materials such as plywood, sticks of different thickness, open-air grille for mounting grille – trim, linoleum, latches, handles, screws.
How to make <b>cell</b> <strong>ferret</strong>
The disadvantage of big cage out of plywood is the weight, so if the cage is scheduled to move actively, you need to think about how to do it on wheels. Natural materials absorb odors and keep them for a long time, in order to avoid this you can cover the plywood with lacquer. The door of the cell, is very convenient to open as the wardrobe: in these doors the cage is easy to clean. The doors should be secure latches that are ferret will not be able to share that and to open. The finished cell can be equipped with various accessories: a few hammocks, which, if the dream, you can give a very fancy look: ladders, tubes through which animal can climb a variety of materials, and other devices on the taste of the owner. As you can see, to make a cage for a ferret is not difficult, may be you decide to do so, inspired by the experience of other owners of ferrets, and a desire to make the lives of your little darling is beautiful.
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