You will need
  • Pen, wooden Board, hammer, nail, rivet, knife, Shoe, toothpick.
Attach the belt to the waist and define the place on it where necessary to make a hole. Mark this area with a pen, making a small point parallel to and at equal distance from the other holes in the strap.
Put the belt on a wooden Board outer side up. Put to the designated place the nail and hold it with two fingers perpendicular to the Board head up.
Gently tap the nail with a hammer, reinforcing each successive blow, until the leg of the nail completely penetrate the belt. Remove the nail from the hole.
If a leather belt – hole ready. If the belt is made of a different material and all the holes in it are processed with rivets, and have this new opening is also decorate with rivet. Use a sharp knife and a hammer to smooth the edges of the rivet.
Leather belt (no studs) in a new puncture site should be treated with a colorless Shoe Polish. Use a toothpick or cotton swab to drop into the hole in the Shoe. This will reinforce the edges of the hole.