You will need
  • The passport of the parent, birth certificate of the child
The place of residence of a childunder 14 years, according to 20th article of the civil code recognizes the place of residence of the parents or other legal representatives. Moreover, to implement the provisions in the rules on registration of citizens made an exception. So, the consent of the owner of premises is not required if the parent was to be done in the same placement of his minor child.
Thus, from permitting documents my mom need to have their own passport with registration. Moreover, this check must be in the same place of residence that you want to register your child. In addition, you should have the birth certificate of the child.
With these documents, come to the passport office in your area. Write a statement of the established sample on registration of your child at their place of residence. Complete the sheet arrival. If in the moment the child is registered at a different place of residence, at the same time and complete a piece of departure. When you register it will automatically be removed from the register at your old address and put on the registration account in a new way.
Give all these documents to the employee of the passport office. Within 5 days of registration of the child will be conducted.
Often without the presence of the other parent FMS in words refuse to register children. The refusal illegal. In this case send a written statement to the head of the regional FMS. Let it received an oral refusal and indicate the requirement of immediate registration of your child.
Today made a sufficient number of court decisions, binding FMS to conduct the registration of children without participation of the other parent. Therefore, in most cases, on written request to the FMS positive answer comes and the child is registered by place of residence of the mother.
If you have received a formal written waiver of the Federal migration service to register the child in the absence of the consent of the other parent, consult with the claim in court. The defendant in the lawsuit indicate your regional FMS. The court will be to protect the interests and rights of the child and permit the result of the FMS to register the child at your residence.