You will need
  • shaped screwdriver
  • - wrench 10 mm,
  • - a sharp knife
Before you purchase a new set of protective wing flaps, carefully read and note the location of the attachment points installed on the car locura.
Buy the kit with the same mount – this will facilitate the work associated with the installation of new accessories.
In cases where not supposed to wash the wheel arches, the old lockers are removed and replaced with the new lockamy. To perform this procedure with the vehicle wheel can not be removed.
Installation accessories front begins with mounting the locking plate on the inner fender, then it is placed in a niche over the wheel, and its outer edge is introduced into engagement with the flare of the wing. Then tightened the two nuts on the studs and tighten the four bolts fastening the places of their destination. If some part of the fender liner enough adjacent to the vehicle body, it is additionally fixed with screws.
Installing inner fender on the rear wheel is operated in a similar way.