You will need
  • Foam — a few sheets in size of the mattress and the alleged back
  • Chipboard size sofa
  • Particle Board or sheet of plywood the size of the back
  • Sheets of plywood the size of the seat and backrest
  • Fabric for upholstery
  • Wooden bed
  • Furniture screws
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Tacks
  • Hammer
Remove the bed mattress and see how made frame. If on top of the frame is a stiff Board on which is placed a mattress, leave it as it is. The operation in this case will be somewhat less. If the bed is simply a frame into which you insert the mattress, it is necessary to cut a suitable size piece of particle Board and nail or screw it to the frame. Depending on the design of the bed it can be done with nails or screws.
The couch required back. For the sofa, which is not decomposed, it can not be too high — 0, 5 m, plus the height of the frame. But of course, you can do a high back if you have enough fabric and foam. It all depends on your desire. Screw or nail the back to the side of the bed, which is turned to the wall.
Measure the seat of the bed. The design of the soft parts of the sofa depends on the design of the bed. If the Board is nailed at the bottom of the frame, the cushion can be make higher, to 10 centimeters were on the frame. If the Board is nailed on top, the cushion can be thinner. You can do soft details of the seat and backrest consisting of several parts. For example, on the seat tightly placed 3 pillows, and the back is made up of two long. Or both accounts for three pillows. The seat and backrest can be made and solid. Pillows intended for back can be slightly wider than its height.
Sheet of plywood cut rectangles of desired size. IN the form of plywood sheets take a break the foam. Each pillow will need 2-3 solid piece of foam. Better if you manage to get a thick sheet foam, which happens to be in the furniture and DIY stores. Pieces of foam designed to cushion each, staple together. The easiest way to sew thick thread in several places.
Cutting the cloth. Scan each bag is a two square with the seam for the upper and lower parts of the cushion and the tape, the width of which is equal to the thickness of the foam pad, and the length of the perimeter of the square. Don't forget about allowances. With the side strips, which connect with the rear or bottom of the cushion, wide make allowances because they will have to bend twice.
Stripe and square are designed for the top, fold the right sides and sew. Sew free edge strips on the reverse side. The corners on the reverse side cut. Turn the pillow. Attach the foam padding. It is possible in several places to fasten the pillow top and the gasket.
Obtyanite a sheet of plywood with fabric. A piece of cloth you can just glue and allow to dry. Allowances are bent on the other side of the plywood sheet. It is possible to beat cloth upholstery nails, likewise turning down the allowances to the other side.
Lay the cushion top side facing down. From top, apply with a cloth-covered plywood sheet. Allowances strips fold twice. They can pre-make so that the edges were bent. Fasten the strip to the plywood sheet obojnymi nails in 5 inches from each other. Exactly the same stitch and all the other pillows.
On the frame place a cushion for sitting. Pillows for the back, just put. If you want you can make a couple of pillows for side, but if the back bed of the same size, it is not necessary.