The easiest way to grow long nails. And it needs to start with a General strengthening of the body. Buy vitamins with calcium, this will ensure quick growth of nails. Manicurist suggest to make the bath for the fingertips. For this you need to take a lemon and squeeze it into a bowl or Cup. Down to their fingernails. So you need to sit for 10-15 minutes. Oils contained in citrus fruits, very well strengthen the nail plate.
The following method - manicure. To fingers seemed longer, paint your nails corporal varnish. Suitable as French. The closer to the skin tone you will choose a color of nail Polish, the better the visual effect.
How to make long <strong>fingers</strong>
If you grow your nails does not work, try increasing or gel coat. The first way is more radical. The upper part of the nail plate is cut so that the glue is better kept artificial nails (tips). Of course, the cuticle, and the plate thus injured very much. Therefore, it is better to prefer the second option - the gel coat. Own nail when it is covered with a special composition, which makes it sturdy, does not break down. This will give you the opportunity to grow their own long claws. Artificial turf can be dyed any varnish, do your usual manicure.
Ring is better to choose thin, without stones. Massive decorations visually cut your hand in half, making the fingers shorter.
How to make long <strong>fingers</strong>
In the cold seasons wear gloves of dark leather. Dark colors visually narrow palm, it seems more elegant.
No matter what nature and genetics are not gifted you with musical fingers. Having in the Arsenal of modern cosmetic products and knowing the little tricks, about the shortcomings of your handles will be known only to you. And everyone else will see before you an elegant lady with narrow, long, aristocratic hand.
How to make long <strong>fingers</strong>