Cuttings. This is the fastest method of propagation of clematis. Start cuttings before flowering. Optimal cuttings for propagation of clematis choose with 3-5 years of Bush, at a height of 20-25 cm from the ground, preferably with one node (Dina 3-5 cm). With a sharp knife, cut the stem just below a node. Then cut the top, above the knot. Remove one side of all the leaves and part of the stem (cut). On the other side, leave 2-3 leaf, the other remove. So the cuttings will be easier to retain moisture. Plant the cuttings in a mixture of river sand and peat and abundantly pour water. In the water you can add a growth stimulant (sold in major horticultural centers), you will accelerate the formation of roots. In winter, cover the cuttings box or wrap. In the spring transplant clematis in a permanent place.
Propagation by layering. At the base of the shrub in late may-early June, make a shallow groove (5-7 cm), which put young stem. Leave the top outside, and the nodes of escape cover with soil. Regular watering buried shoots and 2-3 times take the bait. For this purpose, 10 l of water dissolve 1 teaspoon of potassium sulfate, 1 teaspoon urea, 1 teaspoon of superphosphate, and 1 tablespoon of the growth accelerator. By the autumn the roots are formed, and the spring will go to the young shoots. Do not rush to replace them. The best time to transplant is autumn. Separate the cuttings from the mother plants and divide according to established nodes. Now, transplant to a permanent place.
Reproduction dividing the Bush. A healthy, well-developed shrub divided in early spring. Cut the clematis so that each Bush was 2-5 buds and a good root system. One plant turns 2-3 independent plants. By the same method and transplanted clematis from place to place. When planting in a permanent place, don't forget to moisten the soil. To autumn should also 2-3 times to feed the plant.