You will need
  • Approximately 200-300 g cotton thread of a thickness of 120 m/50 g or silk thread thickness of 150 m/50 g or thread from a cotton blend with a polyacrylate, with a thickness of 120 m/50 g; hook №3.
To tie the bodice is crochet, you need to start knitting with one of the cups. Usually knit first the left Cup of the bodice. For size 34/36 need to dial a chain of air loops 28 and 3 air loop lifting. Continue to knit columns with nakida. Instead of a column with nakida knit the next row is necessary, starting with 3 loops rise.
6 (six) rows or 8 cm from typesetting edge you need to keep on the right side of the hinges 14, 14 on those loops that I need to associate another 6 (six) or 8 cm and finish the job. The right Cup of the bodice necessary to communicate symmetrically with the left. Sew the seam of each Cup, then both cups are seamed or knit into a few inches in the middle.
You can link the bodice crochet pattern from "pinecones". For sizes 36/38 and 42/44, dial 32 (36) loops and 3 air loop lifting, continue knitting pattern "bumps". To do this, lush are finished one column and one air loop, alternating the pattern. Lush column fit: one do yo, enter the hook into the loop and pull the thread, repeat this technique 4 times, make a yo and they are finished all the loops that are on the hook, again, are finished single air loop.
Provatas 8-9 cm from the edge of typesetting leave for the center seam to the right of 8-9 cm Work to finish in 16-18 cm from typesetting edge. To connect the seams of the parts. Provyazat along 2-3 cm of the outer corners of the cups to connect them together.