How to forget the past

To do the former not the former is unlikely to succeed, because people are not gods, and therefore do not change the events of his past life. But to forget what has already happened, it's possible.

To forget the past, you can use the techniques of neurolinguistic programming, methods which is very actively used by modern psychologists and psychotherapists.

The first way to forget the past
To obtain the effect you need to imagine a wall containing all pictures of life, marking the key events. They should be colored and bright. Next, you would like to move away from the wall, reduce it to the size of a matchbox. At this time, the pictures of the past must be black and white. And then should continue to glue on photos of her with the events of the future, to paint them with paints. You can imagine the most cherished dreams, the pleasant moments that need to happen, images, where there is love and well-being. So, a little generic, your photos will be gradually arrogates bright, unpleasant things will go away, taking up only a tiny part of life. All these black and white photographs – someone else's life and color pictures – is a welcome present. The result of this exercise as if the past is limited and does not extend to the future, the former becomes not the former.

The second way to forget the past
This method is very effective for those who want to forget the unpleasant things of life, but the exercise you should after some time after the event. The incident should be playing in your mind as a black and white movie with a funny voice. You need to imagine yourself sitting on the back row in the theater to hear audience laughter, to scroll through some of the stories backwards, to laugh at them. This should be done as long as the event does not cease to be terrible and depressing. This method will help to change the attitude of the unpleasant moments of the past, will help to improve memory.

The third way to forget the past
This method gives you the opportunity to forget the memories of the past, to change his vision. Should provide negative events in the form of a nuclear reactor that is poisoning the life around, even after many years. This reactor must be fixed to concrete and to bury the past along with radiation. That method proved to be more effective, you need to saturate real life with new bright events that will be concrete for the reactor. The more good will happen, the deeper it will be buried. By taking action, you can still do the former not the former, leaving his past deep in the earth.

How to live in the present

To forget the past, it is necessary not only to eliminate him, but to learn to live in the present. There is nothing better than to live in the moment, enjoying what is happening now. Learn to live in the present help yoga, walking, mastering of correct breathing, different spiritual practices.

Good work. The creation of a new and beautiful reflects the person's inner world and gives the opportunity to understand what it is capable of much.

You can make a list of fears. This will allow you to become bolder and more realistic to look to the future.

Should abandon emotions, to make the point that the past no longer go back and change anything, cool down, get rid of anger, irritation, sadness.

To do the former not the former in real life is still impossible, but you can change the events of the past in their memories of him. If any points fail to forget (or not want), then you can change your attitude towards them. All this will help the person to enjoy the present and appreciate what he has here and now.