Nutritional supplements that complement the basic diet of the people actively involved in sports, called sports nutrition. These include foods combined into one special group, which affects the improvement of results in the sport: health promotion; improve the metabolism; increase muscle volume; stamina; achieve the desired body weight.

This biologically active additives (dietary Supplements), which are a blend of key nutritional elements, the absorption of their body takes significantly less time than the usual digestion of all the food.

To sports nutrition include:

1 - Amino acids. Of them are muscle. Serve to increase muscle growth and recovery. Available in a variety of forms: liquid, capsules, tablets, powders.

2 - Concentrated protein. Its other name protein. Proteins used to build muscle mass and to preserve them during weight loss. Quite easily satisfy your hunger.

3 - Gainers. It is a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins, with high positions of carbohydrates. Serves as an assistant to restore energy in the muscles.

4 - Creatine. The use of creatine slows down the muscle fatigue during workouts, gaining strength and stamina training.

5 - fat burners. Are drugs that reduce the amount of fat under the skin, using the oxidation of fat cells. When choosing them you should pay attention that they are classified as light, serious and professional.

6 - Minerals and vitamins. It is a combination of drugs, which is able to compensate for the amount of nutrients in the body.

7 - Drugs that increase the amount of testosterone levels.

8 - Drugs, whose action is directed on strengthening of ligaments and joints, and includes collagen, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine.

All these substances are biologically active food supplements and their correct use is not able to cause harm to the body. Like all medications, should be taken only after consultation with a specialist who will pick up the necessary SUPPLEMENTS for this case and discuss its dosage. Still, one should not forget that completely replace the normal diet they can not.