Advice 1: Useful than the rest of the sea

The summer season is the perfect time for sea travel. The rest of the sea brings not only many positive emotions but also provides a unique opportunity to improve your health.
Useful than the rest of the sea

Baths with sea water saturate the human body beneficial mineral substances. The chemical composition of sea water is close to human blood, so the contained compounds is extremely important for health. Sea mud also has wonderful healing properties. It is applied in local applications and serves as one of the ingredients for baths with sea water. This mud is characterized by a pronounced analgesic and soothing effect. It is effective in the treatment of joint and spinal diseases. These seafood, such as algae, can be used topically and internally. They are rich in vitamins, useful salts and acids. In addition, seaweed is a powerful antioxidant that is this product prevent the aging of tissues. No wonder the Japanese, in which algae make up a large part of the diet, are famous for health and longevity. Sea air also has medicinal properties: its just 1 millimeter contains about a thousand particles of sea salt. 24 hours spent on the coast, you can breathe about ten billion salt particles. The iodine in sea air, is an organic compound that is absorbed by the body much easier than in the air on land. Settling on the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, salt particles significantly improve their function and enhance resistance to infections. Sea air has a positive effect on metabolism, and a mixture of salts of bromine is extremely useful for strengthening the nervous and circulatory system. The sea is almost never absolutely quiet. Sea waves also contribute to the recovery. Striking the breast the waves have a pressure of approximately 8 pounds. To keep balance, have to strain. As a result of this hydro-massage strengthens muscles and joints, accelerates blood circulation and relieves fatigue. Lie on the beach in that place where the wave finish the race. Rolling through your body, they will constantly massaging it. It's a great gym and great medical procedure.

Advice 2: Useful than the sea

An ode to the sea and the beach, you can sing as long as you want. And it's worth it. The sea is very effective and heals our body and our soul. Improves health and gives strength. To love the sea easily, it almost always responds to us in return.
Useful than the sea

Swimming in sea water improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, reduces heart rate tempers and helps to keep the body tone, improves posture.

Coastal waves - gently and non-aggressive massage of the feet, but if down, then the buttocks, back, abdomen, thighs. This massage relaxes, relieves fatigue, gives a powerful boost of energy. Including one that actively help to cope with autumn and winter depression.

Sun - make up for lack of vitamin D in the body, strengthens bone tissue, dried acne.

Pebbles is a great massager for the feet... the hands, face, thighs. Beach-massage improves the function of internal organs, triggers the lymphatic system, stimulates blood circulation, improves the respiratory system.

Sea sand is a natural exfoliating, better than any scrub will remove dead skin cells. It is helpful to lie on a warm sea sand for people with diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

Line of the sea horizon is a perfect simulator for eye health. To look into the distance and then to focus on near objects especially useful for those who suffer from short sightedness or a lot of work at the computer. It is also good to follow the flight of seagulls.

The composition of sea water:

Calcium - helps to relieve depression, improve the health of connective tissue, protect against the penetration of infections, normalizes blood clotting.

Magnesium - eliminate swelling, relaxes muscles, prevent the development of allergies.

Bromine - soothes.

Sulfur - tones the skin perfectly cope with the fungus.

Chlorine - will contribute to the formation of blood plasma and gastric juice.

Potassium - cleanse skin cells.

Iodine - to reduce high cholesterol in blood, normalizes thyroid gland, will help the brain.

Zinc - form the body's immune defenses.

Manganese - involved in bone formation.

Silicon - helps the blood vessels remain elastic.

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