You will need
  • - bananas (2 PCs); - flour (0.5 cups); - eggs; - sugar (1 tablespoon); - salt; - olive oil (1-2 tablespoons).
In a large bowl with a fork mash the two bananas. You can use a blender. Then mix the egg, salt and sugar. Add in the flour. The batter should be not too liquid and not too thick, not necessary to achieve complete homogeneity.
Warm the pan. Fry the banana pancakes recommended olive oil, but ordinary will do. Pour the oil into a pan. When it get warm, a tablespoon put the dough on the pan and easily fry the pancakes on both sides on medium heat. The Browns will have to turn in a minute, stay by the stove! Pancakes of banana prepared very quickly.
Serve the banana pancakes are good with jam, jam or condensed milk. And another is to try to combine them with ice cream - very tasty!