To avoid injuries and unfortunate consequences, take care of security in the house or apartment. Floors should always be clean. Just wash a little, still need to collect extra items - get in time, decorative figurines, floor vases and floor lamps. At the age of 1.5-2 years a small child can open and close all doors in the house. So, can easily pinch a finger. Pre-install specblock, then slam the door it will be impossible.

Do not let the child on the balcony, even if it is glazed. Clean the apartment and water the flowers is not necessary in the presence of the baby, this can be done when he is sleeping or walking on the street with someone senior.

Remove sharp knives, forks, scissors in the upper cabinets in the kitchen. Prepare food exclusively on far burners. The child will not be able to get to them. According to statistics, of all children's injuries, 57% are domestic, the main risk group includes children under 3 years.

The living refuse of glass, clear at the time of the coffee table, and the bottom glazed cupboards and sideboards with something cover. Put caps on all sockets and hide the wires.

Hide all household chemicals and cosmetics in the upper cabinets, the baby couldn't reach them. Lay a rubber Mat on the slippery floor, so you reduce the risk of baby falling. Taking simple safety measures, you can protect it from injury.