You will need
  • - red currants;
  • - 1 kg of juice 1 kg sugar.
Sort the berries of red currant - remove twigs and stems, rotten and unripe berries. Rinse in a colander. To cook a delicious jelly without the seeds and berries, will separate the juice. For this you may use different methods. For example, using a steam juicer. Or heat the currants simmered with a small amount of water, they will soften quickly and will allocate juice. Most importantly, you need to take water as possible, then the jelly will taste better. Still, the juice is in the microwave. Soak the berries in it for a few minutes, and they will quickly settle and will allocate juice.
Press the fruit juice through cheesecloth, RUB through a sieve or use a different method. Gauze fold in 3-4 layers, put the softened berries and tie, then squeeze out liquid with your hands or put it under a press. If you wipe the berries through a sieve, first crush them with a wooden pestle.
1 kg of red currant juice take 1 kg of sugar. Mix and bring to a boil on a slow fire. Once the mixture has boiled, remove the foam and cook the jelly of red currants, stirring constantly, about 20 minutes. Pre-prepare banks for this they wash and pour boiling water for 10 minutes or sterilize in another way. Also boil and cover. Fill cans with hot jelly and wrap caps. Turn upside down and cover with something warm. Delicious jelly of currants for the winter ready!