Advice 1: How to write to the Supreme court

The Supreme court of the Russian Federation shall consider complaints of citizens only in cases, when it received waivers on the positive solution of the case the courtAMI of all levels because it is the Supreme courtebnym authority under the Constitution of the Russian Federation. To write an application to the Supreme court and send it by mail impossible. For your case you need to write the statement of claim in the prescribed form, and transmit it, together with other documents to the authorized staff members of the Supreme courtand in specially opened for these purposes the reception.
How to write to the Supreme court
Order of citizens ' appeals to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation requires a personal appeal to the reception with a ready-made claim application form and the courtbnyh documents. Their compliance with applicable legislation check the staff of the courtand before you make your claim for consideration. Therefore, the visit should be carefully prepared.
View and download the sample application for the invalidation of a normative legal act or other form of treatment available on the official website of the Supreme Court (link at end of article). On the opened page, select menu located to the right is a sample of the document. Complete, observing the requirements to the design of the courtbnyh documents, print and sign.
Pay thcourtestwenno duty. The size and order of payment is determined depending on the category of the case. Prepare the package the courtbnyh documents, the statement of claim for referral to the Supreme Court and receipt of payment of registration fee. In addition, for visiting the Reception, you will need documents proving your identity. So don't forget about the passport.
If you have questions on appeal to the Supreme court, ask for clarification on one of the phones.
Choose a time to visit the receiving the Supreme courtand, after reviewing the pre-schedule her work. Appointment in the Reception room of the Supreme Court does not exist, so you should visit and reception in these hours.
With the prepared pack , the courtbnyh documents and ID please contact Admissions Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to review your case. The staff members of the courtand will review your complaint and documents for compliance with the requirements of the procedural legislation and will inform further action.

Advice 2: How to write a response to the court of arbitration

In accordance with the Arbitration procedural code of the Russian Federation the Respondent have to write an opinion on the statement of claim. It is written in any form, but there are a number of mandatory details included in the document. The opinion is directed to the arbitration court and all those involved in the present case. Therefore, the number of copies of a document depends on their number.
How to write a response to the court of arbitration
You will need
  • - statement of claim;
  • - case in point (the room, the essence);
  • - details of the claimant;
  • - details of the Respondent;
  • address and name of the arbitration court.
In the header of the response, write the full name of the arbitration court, where the opinion is made. Enter the address of the location of judicial authority, including the index. Enter the name of the claimant (natural or legal person). Enter personal data of the person, address of his permanent residence, if the statement of claim prepared on behalf of individuals. Write the name of the company address of the place of its registration, unless the claimant is an organization.
Next, enter the middle name of the document. Then enter the number of the case assigned by the court of first instance. A review is made on a claim, so write this fact.
In the content part of the review write the arguments, or part arguments, which you do not agree to set out the petition requirements. The objections are written on the basis of legislative acts, documentary evidence. Therefore, refer to articles of the Civil code dedicated to the preparation of the statement of the plaintiff.
Then write your position, personal information and put a personal signature. Then write a list of evidentiary documents on the merits of the opinion. Please note that you will need to forward the opinion to the claimant. Therefore, write number, date of the postal receipt by which you send the documents to the person making the statement.
Seal the opinion and the attached evidence in writing. Make as many copies of the documentation, how many of those involved in the case, plus one copy and the arbitration court. Send letter with list of enclosures to addressees. Don't forget to mention that the postman will need to make a return receipt involved in the case under review to others.
Match review the statement of claim is mandatory. Provide time to allow to consider the document to the plaintiff, witnesses, the court of arbitration. If you don't leave feedback, then you can recover court costs.

Advice 3: How to apply to the Supreme court

When completed , the courts of all instances, and the conclusions of the judges failed to challenge, still hope for resolution of the situation by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. The retrial in this instance allows us to hope for a correction of judicial error. But here the question arises about how it can make an ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation. Chapter 41, article 376 of the Civil procedure code of the Russian Federation guarantees citizens the right to appeal to the court of Supervisory instance for the protection of their rights violated by judicial decisions.
How to apply to the Supreme court
For starters, prepare a package of documents for an appeal to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Read in order of the appeal court decisions, established by the legislation, on the website of the Supreme Court of Russia. Write a document-an appeal that is appropriate for your situation.
Fill in the receipt for paying the state fee. To calculate its amount, fill in and print note you can use the new service, located here Pay the fee and attach the receipt to a prepared package of documents. Check it for compliance with the requirements of content and form transmitted for consideration to the Supreme Court documents.
Select the time according to the schedule of reception of citizens by the workers of the office of the Supreme Court, which will accept your application or complaint and inspect the package of court documents provided by you for compliance with procedural law. There's no appointment, so plan your visit starting from the proposed time of the selection.
For direct appeal to the Supreme court come to these hours in the waiting room, located at Moscow, cook street, 13, with a prepared package of documents and complaint or statement, prepared in accordance with the proposed samples. In order to get an appointment, you will need ID. Now you can be confident that your appeal will be forwarded to the appropriate unit within one day after receiving the documents.
Remember that by law you have the right to appeal to the Supervisory body to review current court decisions over the years since its adoption.
Useful advice
On all questions which need explanation and clarification you can contact the helpdesk of the Supreme court.
If the question concerns the order of: (495)690-5463.
In criminal cases: (495) 690-4909, 627-9623.
Civil: (495) 690-4314, 627-9690.
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