The car that I wanted.

Stepan Talyzin

Long dangled the markets, read the ads, and decided to stay in the domestic car UAZ Patriot, which reviews are largely positive. The run went well, no major deficiencies are not identified. Ride that for a year, happy, now I can sovereignty to say that I bought the car, which they wanted, despite the decent fuel consumption.

My new UAZ


Bought car three months ago specifically for riding to fishing and hunting. Bought from an authorized dealer, initially, the problem arose with the timing of delivery under the order - it was 1.5 months. On cross complaints there - puddles, dirt, even small fords easily pass. Annoying great gas mileage -as much as 17 liters per 100 km in the city. Probably, it was necessary to take the diesel.

A good car

Karpovich Victor

On a good imported SUV had no money and wanted to buy something big and large. Friends advised UAZ Patriot, which reviews are long and closely studied. Bothered that many are unhappy with the build, but what can you expect from a manual configuration. Surprisingly, the car I liked. Beautiful, powerful, fuel consumption is certainly not small, but the size is decent.

UAZ Patriot is the best SUV


Wanted to buy an SUV for trips to the cottage and rest. The choice stopped on UAZ Patriot. In the car happy with everything, big trunk, spacious roomy interior, good maneuverability. The car is reliable, never have, never failed.The UAZ was made for Russian roads. Of course repairs on the little things you have to do. But it is absolutely perfect car, I think not. UAZ Patriot warm and comfortable car for a large family. Comfortable to ride on long distances.

I'm happy with the car


I'm a fisherman and hunter, have to travel on different roads, and often entirely off-road. For this reason, my choice fell on the UAZ Patriot, the reviews have contributed to it. The car has justified itself in full. Albeit there are small flaws, but for me the main thing - a good cross. I am quite pleased and do not regret my purchase and for the money spent.

Powerful car

Mikhail Trofimov

Live in areas where there are very good roads, so bought UAZ Patriot, reviews on heard different, sometimes not at all flattering. But I can't say that the car we were disappointed. The drawbacks of course, primarily it's build quality, but buying a domestic machine, this should be ready. But in General, auto normal, powerful, and charosa traffic.



I like the Russian car industry, unpretentious and easy to use. Patriot has a high Seating position, excellent visibility, roomy interior, ride in a big family and the holidays and adventures on the road. UAZ Patriot is the choice of many Russian people who love to ride in the winter through the snow and fall in the mud and slush. UAZ car quality and the price is acceptable for many. The UAZ Patriot and the city is progressing well, no delaying.

UAZ patriot


Think UAZ is a car with character. It requires a special approach. Despite the cons of this car such as, rapid breakage or wear, bad quality of plastic from which made. A lot of advantages. Car for large people, very comfortable fit and a large salon. With proper podhodite, I mean, the skill of the driver, overcomes the impossible,at first glance, the obstacles. And with proper use, can long time to go without repair.