Helps me only Zener


Of all the many remedies for acne Zineryt helps me only. Not very publicized, but effective. I was prescribed a dermatologist, I still trust the professionals. Mixed components are applied to the sites of inflammation, and the result is noticeable the next day the redness disappears, the pain from the emergence of new pimples takes place, and new pimples disappear faster.

The main regulations for the control of pimples, blackheads, acne and other evil spirits


There is no universal remedy to fight acne, each skin needs its own approach and find it only with the help of the doctor or the method of trial and error. But there are rules that will help everyone. Firstly never squeeze the pimples, and in General try not to touch your face. Secondly after washing the face always use paper towels. Third change sheets as often as possible. Fourthly before bedtime, wipe your face with one percent solution of salicylic acid or a special lotion. Fifthly regularly go in for Facials. If you follow these rules, then after a week see the result.

Remedies for acne


I have acne very rarely arise, then nothing, then all at once his forehead, but thank God only the forehead. Cosmetic brands from pimples does not help, they only regulate fat balance.The reason for the appearance of acne are problems in the body.Most important thing is not to get involved in solutions that contain alcohol,and that the skin will lose ! Personally, I get rid of pimples by compresses of aloe juice, very good stretches and heals...

Out without acne


I have pimples all the time climb. All sorts of herbs help a little. Pressure say it is impossible, even more climb. Ordered here means Avon acne. Girlfriend sells said will help. Cleansing gel for the face from black points. I have them twice a day wash. And Express tool to especially large pimples smear. Acne has now become much smaller.Beauty.

Acne 30 years old


Acne is always unpleasant. But in thirty years, and despite the fact that I'm the assistant Director is a nightmare! A little nervous, immediately emerge. And not just anywhere, but on your face!I only did not do with them. Yes, there were a lot of failures. We stopped at the chamomile and aloe. Cheap and easy to find. Chamomile flowers brewed with boiling water, wait 30 min and do a compress on the face. And aloe leaf peel and stick a band-aid on the night of the pimple. Well, try not to be nervous )).

The sun is the best medicine


The best and proven remedy for acne is the sun. But here you need to follow a few rules.
-You can not sunbathe under the midday sun. Need to wait when it will not be hot, but not at sunset.
- Do not sunbathe for more than 30 minutes.
- Is it necessary to wash after sunbathing.
Thus at the beginning of your pores open up, you sweat fat cells leaving your skin, you wash it away with your skin and your skin is clean. after two weeks of such procedures from acne and it leaves a mark, tested by me.

My remedy for acne


Bought all sorts of creams, gels, liquids. The effect of different. The most I like the gel Kuriozin. Very quickly reduces inflammation and reduces the size of pimples, imperceptible, because it has the shape of a transparent gel. Moreover ,of course, too, the effect is almost the same, only is a bit more expensive They. I also liked Zener - large foci of inflammation, during periods of exacerbation.