Procedure helps

Masha Maksimova

Cellulite did not decorate, especially when you're only twenty years old, and childbirth drastically changed figure. So many different creams experienced a lot of money spent. Mom advised me to this procedure, as pressure therapy, reviews everywhere read, choose a salon and go. After the first time skin became noticeably smoother and smoother. Yes and the General condition has changed, gone heaviness in the legs, and there was a sense of lightness. In the first stage will not stop, I will continue.

Pressotherapy press


Tried on in the salon innovation - a pressure therapy. Just wanted to the abdomen, the press, and made the whole lower part of the body. Original sensation! As if you clench someone big, and then let go! But seriously, the procedure I liked, like the effect of it - feel improving tone of muscles. Plan to repeat.

Good figure


I have too wide hips and Thomas the priests does not suit me. Charging this place doesn't hurt then do it. Advised to massage, but I'm too shy ((. A good idea turned out to be pressure massage. Just wear a special suit and he'll massage doing with the air. Feeling nice and after a couple of weeks you can see how the figure in the right places is tightened. And the state is relaxed, as after a usual massage. And nothing to be ashamed of!



Lymphatic drainage massage or simply pressure therapy is usually used in two cases. First, if you are struggling with cellulite thrives in different parts of your body. And, secondly, for varicose veins. The second case is much less common, as patients with varicose veins often prefer the more familiar medical treatment. As for the cellulite thing. With the help of inflatable clothing and compressed air is the impact on the parts of the body. When this occurs, the removal of the fluid at the cellular level.

Pressure therapy helped


The purpose of the recovery after pregnancy looked at a bunch of offers from salons about improving skin elasticity, getting rid of cellulite. In the salon we decided to do the therapy. Funny procedure - not me wearing the suit, almost like an astronaut, just below the chest - a bunch of belts, pants and boots! The procedure I underwent normally reminds pressure measurement on the hand, only throughout the body. Have already done 5 sessions with a frequency of 3 days. The skin looks much better at home, apply a special cream.

Pressure therapy as an effective method of correction

Kostenko Olga

With age, my stomach and body have got not aesthetic appearance, namely cellit. I have long wanted to do correction, accidentally saw an article about pressotherapy in the magazine and decided to try it. Signed up for the Express course consisting of five sessions every 4 days. During a session wearing a suit, and pumped compressed air. And the pressure is constant and uniformly alternated. At first it was scary, it seemed that choke, but you get used to it and after experiencing a pleasant feeling. The result is not left to wait long in the legs there was a lightness. Upon completion of the course have disappeared not the flatness, the skin is more elastic, legs have ceased to be tired quickly. Loved it, the effects stayed for quite a while, I think in the next repeat for 10 sessions.

Great massage


I'm the local doctor, has been operating for 33 years. At work we have a lot to go, as it gives the car not always. Began to hurt and swell up. Came home and just fell on the couch. Recommended pressure therapy. Went. There are special pants to wear,and lie, and they massage you do. After only two times my legs felt noticeably lighter. Now on a 10-day course enrolled.