Temporary delight


This "MIRACLE" procedure was recommended to me by my friend. The result I saw with my own eyes, it is truly a miracle. Almost immediately ran into the cabin, and dreamed of beautiful hair. And so it happened, my dream came true. But after a week my hair returned to previous form, we can say more, everything became even worse. The cause was never found, or a substandard work of a master, or even the garbage is keratin hair straightening!

I'm happy with the result

Karina ROS

I've been doing this procedure in salons, but many advised it keratin hair straightening reviews, on this occasion, I've heard mixed, but more positive. My hair is not so curly, so many unruly and sticking out in different directions. The procedure took a lot of time, and not very cheap, but I liked the result. The hair quality is better, there was glitter. And put them I can now as I want, which never worked.

Keratin straightening - my experience


Personally, I was doing a keratin hair straightening a month ago. My hair is shoulder-length,thick, but a little frizzy and brittle. After the procedure, the hair was visibly thicker, smoother and not as fluffy. Perfect smoothness that was promised, unfortunately, no. But happy with the result. Negative - expensive and time-consuming it takes. My hair gentle shampoo.

Keratin straightening


I have very thin, dry and brittle hair. In the morning after washing sticking out in different directions. The use of flat irons only harms the hair and not be burned alive. Friend hairdresser advised me to do the keratin hair straightening. I have long doubted, but decided. Now I do not regret, hair looks shiny, alive, as the girls in advertising. Hair seems like more. After keratin straightening hair for longer stay fresh and Shine-free.

My experience with hair straightening


Tried the new hair salon - keratin straightening for hair. I have straight hair, but wanted smoothness and Shine, as they see in advertising. Yes, the results are visible, hair comb throughout the day with a view to their rectification and elimination of fluffiness have much less. And Shine like increased. I go for the second week. Will make it even.

I reduced the fluffiness of the hair


I have naturally long and fluffy hair. Which only means I was not used to reduce their fluffiness! I heard from a friend from America that there is keratin hair straightening, and they have long and actively use. As in Russia this method appeared recently, something about it I didn't hear. In the salon I was told that this procedure is able to smooth out hair and enhance its Shine for quite a long time. Keratin straightening took about an hour, reminded the BOS of the usual straightening irons, only with the use of special tools. Over, fully straightening it my hair did not give, but the frizz has significantly decreased. Overall, I am satisfied with the result.

Don't be fooled!


I have thick curly hair, which at the slightest humidity start pouchitsa and I look like a dandelion! Since childhood my dream was long, straight and shiny hair, as in advertising shampoo. Ran on the Internet for a girl that knows everything, have shared their work. I bought it. came to her house, she got me straightened gave a special shampoo, said three days to wash my hair. I did everything as it should be for effect the head is not washed for 5 days. washed special gift from my shampoo when the hair is dried up, was dry and lifeless and the same curly as before straightening. Very sorry for the money spent. now if you dare - only at the salon!

My keratin experience


The procedure of straightening keratin I was very pleased with! Her hair has suffered from long-standing permed, after which I have not dared to hope for a miracle that had happened - instead of twisted wires I had chevelures all friends the ladies for envy. Of course, I had to change a line of cosmetics for my newfound hair, as non-professional shampoo because of the content of various salts washes away the keratin. But now you do not need to straighten your hair Styler, and afraid to burn them thoroughly.

Keratin hair straightening. My experience


Results from the keratin hair straightening is just gorgeous.I was tired of frizzy, dry hair that is difficult to styling,permanent straightening irons turned them into betulia... after this procedure they were smooth and straight.Every day at work with perfect hairstyle! This procedure is much facilitated my life, now iron lying around in the closet for lack of use. When innovative service will lose its effect , I will repeat this procedure. I was pleased (frankly, I don't really believe in this procedure). So girls who doubt it. You will not regret:)