To make the hair more rigid and to give her hair the desired shape and volume, you can handle their tools packing: foam or mousse, and varnish strong hold. To do this, evenly spread a small amount of mousse or foam to clean hair, lift individual strands and fix them with varnish at the roots. This method is quite effective, but at the same time, aggressive to the hair.
There are also ways to make your hair stiffer without causing harm. For example, you can use the mask of black Borodinsky bread. For its preparation break the crumb into several pieces and fill with boiling water, then put the "brew" for 1.5-2 hours. At the end of that time mash the softened bread into mush and apply on entire length of hair. On top put a plastic bag and insulate your head with a towel. After 2 hours, rinse with. It should be done 4-7 times a week. Few such procedures your hair visually "thicken" and will look thicker.
Give your hair the stiffness by using a mask of gelatin, and eggs. Dissolve 1 tbsp gelatin in a dollop of shampoo, mix the resulting mass with a pre-beaten egg yolk. Apply the mask to wet hair and massage them for a minute. After 3-5 minutes rinse with room temperature water.
Take 2 tbsp of mustard and 1 tbsp of natural Apple cider vinegar. Thoroughly mixing the ingredients, wash the resulting mixture hair. The mustard will dry them and make more stringent, because of this they will look more voluminous. The vinegar softens the effect of mustard and protects the hair from excessive drying, get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp and give hair a healthy Shine.
Painting with henna strengthens the hair, increases them in volume and a bit dry. To experiment with hair color, using henna and Basma. If you don't want to change the hair color, you can use colorless henna. Mix 3 tbsp. l. colorless henna with 1/2 tsp of mustard powder and dissolve this mixture in boiling water. Rinse after 30 minutes or 1 hour.
Another simple way to do the hair harder – to use it for hair wash, baby soap instead of shampoo. After washing your hair do not use conditioners because they make hair easier and more manageable. Therefore it is better to replace it with a rinse of burdock root, oak bark or nettle leaves. Cut the herbs into pieces, put in a saucepan, then cover with water and boil for 20 minutes. The resulting broth cool, then filter and rinse their hair. Rinse herbs need to be applied daily for 2-3 months.
In addition to masks and conditioners there are means to stiffen the hair, which are applied before the installation - for example, a decoction of flax seed. In 1/2 Cup water add 1tbsp.l. seed, bring to a boil over low heat, then simmer for about 2 minutes. Before styling, use just a few drops of broth, otherwise your hair will look greasy.
Use sea salt - not the harmless, but effective enough method. Dissolve a few teaspoons of sea salt to 1 Cup of purified water. Apply sea water on your hair with the nozzle spray. You can also moisten the strands with fresh lemon juice, and then to lay them in the usual way. Thanks to the juice of a lemon curls are dried and becomes more rigid. However, these methods cannot be used too often, so as not to overdry the hair.
To make the hair stiffer, soak them in strong brewed tea, then dry them. Instead of tea, you can use beer, but only in dry weather. If treated beer the strands will become wet, appear a peculiar smell of beer.