You will need
  • Haircut mid-length or shoulder-length
  • Light strands in the hair
  • A shampoo and conditioner with effect of smoothness of hair
  • Irons for pulling hair
  • Hair gel and often a comb
  • Hairstyle "ponytail" or braid
Find a good hairdresser and together choose a hairstyle that is appropriate to the structure of your hair. Experienced craftsmen have their own tricks that make thick hair thinner visually. Here are some of them:

• Hair shoulder length and below give the hairstyle a softer form.

• Short thick hair will stick out to the sides, creating a head on the lush "mushroom".

Sometimes hard unruly hair enough to smooth it and put it in a braid or ponytail to make them look prettier.
Do not paint and do not oversites too often, otherwise you'll achieve the effect of "bloated" hair. This is because under the influence of paint, their structure deteriorates. Hard hair look even thicker and brittle dry ends start shining. Henna does not damage the hair. However, it is well nourishes their structure, giving thick hair even thicker.
Choose the right hair dye if no touch-up you can not do (for example, see the first "sediski"). Paint more rarely. Thick black or dark brown hair will create the effect of a coarse wig. Use light shades of colors or turn on to the main tone dark bright glare on the individual strands.
Wash the head with shampoo and balm-conditioner, which gives hair softness and smoothness. Brush your hair and blow dry the hair, so they're always pointing downward. So hair scales will more adhere to each other. Hair will not only become more smooth, but shiny, reflecting the light better.
Try to put on clean washed hair and a little gel and gently distribute it across the surface of the head with the common comb. It is so thick and unruly strands will appear more smooth and slim.
Use to pull hair irons special. Under the influence of hot press is wavy and coarse hair become smooth and look thinner. This effect remains for a few days, provided that the street is no high humidity and no rainfall.