More recently, namely until may 2011, "Yandex" in the preparation and updating of their cards have used the services of a third-party specialist company "Geocenter-Consulting". However, over time, third party services have lead to unreasonable costs, and efficiency of updating information began to lag behind its main competitor - Google. So in may 2011, "Yandex" has refused from such practices and decided to create their own mapping service.

Not to start the creation of complex organizations from scratch, "Yandex" has acquired a reputable company "GIS Technology", engaged in the mapping and having the state license. This organization is engaged in coordination of information already available with the Office of geodesy and cartography of the Russian Federation and its regional offices, exchanges updates with other stakeholders – "Roskartografiya", JSC "TSA" and CJSC "Resident", aerogeodesic enterprise. The list of organizations with which cooperation was entered with the above mentioned company "Geocenter-Consulting".

The update begins with a detailed analysis of vector and satellite maps, systematically executed pictures of various areas. As the data sources use the address database, in which constructed objects are added, their addresses and geographic coordinates. Actively tracked information from open sources – the official websites of cities and developers, the maps competitor Google. If necessary, the surveyors go out to the field personally.

The company "Yandex" understands that people living in the area, it is better to notice all the inaccuracies and errors in the compiled maps. Therefore launched the "people's map". With it, users of "Yandex" can take an active part in recruitment and updating of maps. For this via the feedback form you can send your amendment. Information will be checked by specialists and taken into account when preparing updates.

After all changes are made, they are coordinated with other objects in the card, verifies the additional information. A fully updated version of the pledge in the Central cartographic-geodetic Fund, and the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography. These organizations give permission for the publication of the new Yandex-maps.