If you decide to apply for a visa, pay the visa fee in the cashier of the Embassy of the foreign state, which you want to visit. The currency and amount of payment is given over the phone, on the official website or in the Consulate. For example, you want to get a visa to travel to Italy. For this you need to contact us at the address: Moscow, Money lane, the house 5. You can also obtain information on the collection by phone 8 (495)796-96-91, or 8 (495)796-96-92.

At registration of visas in the United States and some other countries to pay the visa fee by such financial institutions as Sberbank of Russia, VTB. You also have the option to pay via mail. But before that check the size of the payment and print the receipt. This can be done at the Embassy, which is located at the address: Moscow, Bolshoy devyatinsky pereulok, 8. If you cannot visit it personally, please visit "visa to USA" and get the necessary information. 'Banking institutions, which accept payments, can be found on the company's official website or call the Embassy. The consular fee depends on the type of visa (multiple entry visas single entry visa).

To pay the consular fee for a visa to travel to a foreign country via the Internet. For this you need to go to the Embassy website, to find form to make an electronic payment, fill the required fields (name, passport data and Bank details). Payment is made through your credit card, but the latter must be international, for example, Viza.

If you arrange the visa through any travel Agency, payment of the consular fee is shouldered by the company. You only have to pay for their services.