This online app makes finding a taxi is not only fast and convenient but also ensures the users from contact with unsavory organizations. Yandex.Taxi provides information only about those taxi drivers that are officially registered and have a license for the provision of services of the melon. With this program you can find any taxi nearby with the customer.

The app works on a simple scheme. On your iPhone or smartphone, you specify the point of departure and arrival. These phones are connected to satellites, so they can determine their coordinates by themselves. The system offers several price options from economy to business class. Taxi service establish a fixed base rate or specify the price per kilometer. All these fees are reflected on the screen of the phone. The choice remains with the user.

The second step is the selection of indicators the trip. The screen displays a list of facilities that can provide a particular service. These include a child seat, non smoker, driver, body type, luxury interior, air-conditioning, etc. All the important details should be noted in the list.

When the choice is made, the Yandex.Taxi sends a request directly to the driver of the car that fits the description. The application passes the Manager and call centre staff. Among all suitable cars, the program chooses the one who is at a very close distance. As a result of manipulation of waiting time reduced to 5 minutes. On the arrival of the taxi is reported to the dispatcher. This is because the driver associated with it to lock the application.

The service allows you to download a special map that can track the movement of taxis. It is possible to see the presence of traffic jams and the situation on the route that is going to go to the passenger. This allows you to avoid complications on the route.