The main advantage of this application is that it can find any taxi near the customer. Therefore reduces the waiting time, the easier the task of searching for a suitable company providing services of the carrier, and the confidence that will arrive the taxi driver, officially registered and received permission to work in the field of services.

Scheme of work application is quite simple. You need to specify your smartphone's point of departure. In most cases, these phones determine it by communicating with the satellites. Specify also the point of arrival. You choose immediately, the system will offer several options with these prices, economy or business class. Part of taxi services sets a basic rate, e.g., 300 rubles for 20 minutes. And these fees phone you and show. The other part determines the cost of the trip on the mileage. Choose the option that is convenient to you.

Then the app will prompt you to choose several indicators that should make your trip more comfortable. For example, you can tick the box, if you need a car seat if you do not want the driver was Smoking, if you are waiting for the car of the raised comfort, if you care about the availability of air conditioning. In short, many different details that each person chooses for themselves.

After you make your selection, the system, bypassing the Manager or other representatives of the call center of a taxi service, it sends the request directly to the driver. She chooses the one that is on the closest distance. The result is that the wait time of your vehicle can take only about 5 minutes.

The service also provides that you can track the movement of your driver on the way to you on a special card. On it you will see the real situation on the road, for example, whether the tubes in a particular location of the route that you are going to move.

The driver contacts his dispatcher and passes it the order, so do not be surprised if the arrival of the taxi you will be notified that the call center you called a taxi service.