Baikal is rightly called "the pearl". It is located in a mountain area surrounded by high ridges and protected taiga. The lake area is almost equal to the area of the whole country - Belgium. It is the Baikal is the most deep lake in the world. The water is so clean that you can drink it, being right on the beach.

To travel to the lake in different ways. One of them, the simplest way is to book a tour in the usual Agency. Moreover, there are a number of the organizers of the tours that spetsializiruyutsya exclusively on trips to Siberia advantage of this method is that you are paying for services, to immediately acquire the whole package, which includes flights to Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude or cheats, Shuttle service to the lake and to the location of the camp site, accommodation, meals etc. Just be prepared for the fact that this method of travel will set you back dearly.

Most travelers prefer self-service private trip to the lake. First you need to buy a ticket to Siberia. Minus the fact that the cost is quite high in winter travel will cost 10 000 rubles in both ends, in the summer the price can go up to 20 000 there and back. Will you need to stay in Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude or Chita or immediately going to the lake. If you book your hotel. Their addresses and phones can be easily found on the Internet. If not, find the schedule for the Shuttle message and try to correlate with the time of arrival in Siberia. Consider the fact that due to recurring morning fog in the neighborhood of Irkutsk, the planes are so often delayed.

The place where you plan to relax, pick up in advance through the Internet. Keep in mind the fact that those recreation centres and hotels, which are located in public places, for example, in Listvyanka, are particularly popular, and hence expensive. If you have friends Siberians, consult them, what place you should choose. For example, many prefer to go to the island of Olkhon, Chuvyrkuisky Bay in Severobaikalsk. Especially prized camp site, located near the Circum-Baikal railway. In all of these rest houses can be booked in advance rooms. In some cases, owners even organize you a transfer.

If you are a fans of active holidays and prefer to travel "savages", your task is greatly simplified. First, the tent can break in almost anywhere on the coast. Secondly, this holiday would be more affordable because the main costs of housing do not threaten you. And the food you can save considerably, visiting local shops and buying products for quite reasonable prices.

When choosing dates, keep in mind the fact that if you are going to swim in the clear water of the great lakes, lake Baikal is warming up in August. Also, remember that in any time of the year, including in summer cool enough. Therefore, for evening get-togethers in the fresh air or walk on the beach, stock up on warm clothes.