Advice 1: How to speed up computer is turned on

To solve the problem of long loading operating system after turning on the computer can be in many ways, starting with the psychological. That is just to accept and not to pay attention to what the computer is booted one minute twenty seconds is desirable. But if the desire is very large – you can use the following methods.
How to speed up computer is turned on
The first step required in order to reduce download speed – software. It implies easy manipulation of the registry. Go to the "start" menu, hit "Run" and type there regedit. A window will open with the directory in which you will need to find the folder of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Next, perform the following steps: SYSTEMCurrentcontrolsetControlSession will Mapleglow Managemet. There you will see a PrefetchParameters folder where you have to click once to locate the line in the EnablePrefetcher and click on it once with the right mouse button. Select "Edit", in the opened window, the value "3" will change to "5" and press "Ok". The download will be faster.
The second step is to configure auto-start. Most systems at boot automatically run software services that are then "live" in the system tray. They greatly increase loading times, whereas the user may not use them during the session. Disable them run just. In the string "Run" (start Menu) type msconfig and click ok. In the menu, select "Startup" and disable all or only those not using the program. If you need to use them, just run through a shortcut. If once again to climb in the register do not want can take advantage of many utilities such as WinPatrol, AutoRuns, or a simple Startup Delayer. In addition to controlling the startup of these programs have other useful features.
Finally, you can go the radical way to increase download speeds by purchasing a solid state drive (SSD). SSD drives are the drives of new generation, radically different from HDD drives. In the first place so that they have no moving parts, which means they don't waste time not "warming up". Using an SSD makes loading very quick, almost instantaneous. At the moment the volume of SSD are much inferior to the volumes of the usual hard drives, but it's temporary difficulties. In addition to the system drive is enough for 40 GB.
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It should be noted that specialists warn against using an SSD as a system disk because of the limited number of write cycles. But with an average duration of "life" of the disk in three or four years, such a feature will not cause any problems.

Advice 2 : How to accelerate Internet

The speed of the Internet is constant, which depends only on the speed provided by the ISP. But it is worth remembering that if we can't change the constant speed of the Internet, which comes to us, we can always change our consumption of the Internet traffic in accordance with our priority web surfing or downloading files from the Internet.
how to accelerate Internet
In order to maximize the speed when surfing the web, disable the display of images in your Internet browser. Conceived this picture represent half of the traffic that we load on to the computer. If we disable the option to upload pictures, include lock Windows that pop up and disable support for java and flash, speed web surfing is growing at least two or three times.
If you need to upload any amount of information, remember that any load on the connection channel to the Internet reduces the available speed. So if you upload a file, make sure that your web browser has been closed and all downloads that are currently being implemented was stopped.
The best option when downloading large amounts over the Internet is to use a torrent client. But in this case requires a special setting. First, set the maximum client download torrents. Do not open the browser to surf the web. Using the settings, adjust the number of concurrent connections to be the same as many, set the number of simultaneous downloads and the outputs is equal to one. Don't forget to minimize the upload speed by setting its value equal to one kilobit per second. This will increase the free space inside the channel, maximise download speed.

Advice 3 : How to increase the speed of the bike

When the bikeNaya walk is delayed, pedaling becomes harder and harder. Then there is a natural desire to make the bike move faster not due to the strength of the cyclist, and with the help of technical means.
How to increase the speed of the bike
It is impossible to turn a bike with two asterisks in the sports multi-speed. However, a simple upgrade at home will help improve the speed performance of even the most simple of bike.
Replace the wheel of the bike on easier. Pick a convenient for you lightweight seat. Try not to give up wings. In dry warm weather they are not needed, and the mud and slush you will be able to return the wings into place. These changes will increase the speed of a Bicycle by reducing its weight.
Put in place common contact of the pedal. This will allow you to overclock the bike is not only pressure on the pedal, but pushing the pedal as it moves upward. However, to use these pedals will have to buy special shoes.
The sprocket on the front wheel of the bike try to replace the asterisk with an increased number of teeth and a sprocket of a back sprocket to replace the sprocket with a reduced number of teeth. Usually on a sport bikex forward put the gear on fifty-four prong and back — in thirty-six teeth. When this upgrade is harder to pedal when going uphill, but can increase the speed of the bike.
The diameters of Bicycle wheels vary from 20 inches to 28 inches. Large wheels allow you to increase the speed of the bike, but pedaling will be heavier. In addition, a Bicycle with large wheels are more stable. Large wheels provide better maneuverability, as the wheel can overcome the obstacle of no more than 1/3 of the wheel diameter.
You can go ahead and completely self-assemble a Bicycle, choosing the most suitable to your requirements accessories. It is important to know what bike you want to get a result. Maybe like in the song Dolsky with a triangular wheel from Picasso and van Gogh's provençal bell?
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