The first step required in order to reduce download speed – software. It implies easy manipulation of the registry. Go to the "start" menu, hit "Run" and type there regedit. A window will open with the directory in which you will need to find the folder of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Next, perform the following steps: SYSTEMCurrentcontrolsetControlSession will Mapleglow Managemet. There you will see a PrefetchParameters folder where you have to click once to locate the line in the EnablePrefetcher and click on it once with the right mouse button. Select "Edit", in the opened window, the value "3" will change to "5" and press "Ok". The download will be faster.
The second step is to configure auto-start. Most systems at boot automatically run software services that are then "live" in the system tray. They greatly increase loading times, whereas the user may not use them during the session. Disable them run just. In the string "Run" (start Menu) type msconfig and click ok. In the menu, select "Startup" and disable all or only those not using the program. If you need to use them, just run through a shortcut. If once again to climb in the register do not want can take advantage of many utilities such as WinPatrol, AutoRuns, or a simple Startup Delayer. In addition to controlling the startup of these programs have other useful features.
Finally, you can go the radical way to increase download speeds by purchasing a solid state drive (SSD). SSD drives are the drives of new generation, radically different from HDD drives. In the first place so that they have no moving parts, which means they don't waste time not "warming up". Using an SSD makes loading very quick, almost instantaneous. At the moment the volume of SSD are much inferior to the volumes of the usual hard drives, but it's temporary difficulties. In addition to the system drive is enough for 40 GB.