To what extent the performance depends on CPU, memory and the use of special applications that optimize the work system. However, the underlying hardware does not particularly affect the speed of your device. What really matters is the number of running programs. But keep in mind that quantity does not always turns into quality.
How come the user is buying a smartphone? The first thing comes to the Android Market and download as many programs as possible. Some of them are very useful and are often sought after, but most after a few runs will be unnecessary. And since the Android operating system used in the device, not unload them from memory when they close, the performance of the Communicator after a few weeks of use significantly reduced.
If you want to speed up the work of your Android smartphone, just uninstall unnecessary apps. Believe me, after a device reboot, the effect will be immediate. Even a relatively "ancient" G1 after this procedure, you will be able to compete in speed of the newest smartphones (e.g., Droid).
Moreover, after removing many unnecessary applications on the desktop of your PDA will be much "larger" and find the icon will become much easier.
Test the PDA on the malware and worms - to do this, use special tools. Some of them give the producers on the official sites is completely free, can be download online.
Rarely, but it happens that the performance is slowed down due to malfunctioning of removable media. Remove any existing SD card and run a few programs. If the download speed is very different, so it makes sense to buy new media.