The nature of the unique lake. On the South is the Siberian taiga in the middle of the West coast is the Tazheranskaya steppe, and on the North cliffs and mountainous taiga. Want to see all the beauty buy water tour. The coastline of Baikal is about 2000 km. If you want to see the main attractions – expect at least a week of travel.

On a hot summer day so you want to swim. The beach on the lake to indulge in the Gulf Chivyrkuy and in the waters of the lake and Olkhon island. In other places the water warms up is not strong enough to be comfortable for swimming.

The surrounding area of lake Baikal is a wonderful place for Hiking than happy and involved many came to rest. If you are going to go camping, keep in mind that the best time for this is between mid July to end of August. In the remaining months the weather is very unstable. In addition, developing route, pay attention to the terrain. For example, the Olkhon island – one of the most popular places for Hiking. However, part of the island is covered with steppe, firewood to find it just anywhere. Also in many areas there are difficulties with drinking water.

The beginning of summer at lake Baikal – the best time for diving. In June the water is clear, so diving will give you pleasure. The most popular places for diving – the Sandy Bay, Small sea, the Ushkanyi Islands and Listvyanka.

Baikal omul is the main commercial fish species in the lake. And although in recent decades its numbers have declined markedly, it is still found in abundance. Feel the unity with nature – sit with a fishing rod on the shore of lake Baikal. The necessary equipment you can rent. Going fishing, remember that fish with nets is prohibited.

Horse lovers can enjoy horse-riding and scenic walks. The tour is designed for different contingent. Beginners can take part in the walk lasting a couple of hours, but experienced riders will be able to go to a real horse trek with overnight stays in the outdoors and food cooked on the fire.