Under the law, there are several reasons to become a citizen of Moldova: by birth, by adoption, recognition, recovery, or naturalization. The first four options assume that the person somehow connected with the Moldovan government, or citizenship to the minimum extent depends on his own desire, as in the case of adoption and birth. Therefore, for the majority of people who have decided to obtain Moldovan citizenship, it remains the last option – naturalization.
Naturalization requires several conditions. One of them is the fact that the applicant for Moldovan citizenship must have resided in the Republic for some time. This term depends on legitimacy of residence in the country, the availability of refugee status or of persons without citizenship, and also marriage with a Moldovan citizen. Among other conditions, the knowledge of the Constitution sufficient knowledge of the state language and the availability of legal sources of existence.
The level of proficiency in the Moldovan language is determined by the following criteria:
- understanding of official and domestic nature;
- ability to participate in the conversation and respond to everyday issues;
- free reading and understanding any text of a social nature, laws and other normative acts;
- the ability to write a summary of domestic subjects.