Ask the seller to show documents on the car, but a passport or driver's license. So you can see who actually is the real owner of the car. After all, the so-called dealers are becoming removed from the register car without registration for themselves. In the title enter the sale from the new owner. Moreover, it is not quite legal. In this case, it turns out that all possible subsequent problems will have to be solved by the previous owner of the car. But arise they could and "intermediate".
Check car theft on their own. To do this, make a copy of the PTS of the machine and contact the district police Department or post. Based on the data inspector can punch numbers and Vin codes exterior and engine. Of course, such virtual examination can not give 100 percent guarantee that the car is not stolen. In this case, reinsurance is: remove the machine from the account with the seller without signing up to this point with him any contracts.
Numbers body and engine, inspect with the inspector. You should alert the unreadable numbers, strong corrosion at the place of accommodation, the traces of welding works. Or, on the contrary, the old car brand new, shiny numbers. In this case, the inspector must send such a car for examination.
Make car ownership through a contract of sale. For this you need to go to a notary office or Agency of the intermediary in such transactions. They have about every major police Department. Notary choose for yourself and not succumb to the entreaties of the seller that he has "the person".
Especially pay attention to the process of transferring money. If the amount is very large, it makes sense to use a Bank cell transfer money to the card account. Before transferring the cash in hands in the Bank check them for authenticity in the presence of the owner of the car. Directly when you make a deal, give the money to the former owner of the now your machine.