You will need
    • Raspberry jam:
    • 1kg raspberries;
    • 3 cups sugar;
    • 1 Cup of water.
    • Strawberry-raspberry jam:
    • 0,5 kg of strawberries;
    • 0.5 kg raspberries;
    • 3 cups of sugar.
    • Apple-raspberry jam:
    • 0.5 kg raspberries;
    • 0.5 kg of sour apples;
    • 3 cups of sugar;
    • 2 cups of water.
Before cooking take the berries. Ripe raspberries loop. If you got a wormy berries, before processing them to soak in salted water (2 teaspoons of salt per 1 liter of water). All foreign matter will immediately pop up. Remove them, rinse berries under running water.
The easiest option - raspberry jam nephrotomy. Raspberry has pronounced generousity properties, so the jam it will not be too gelatinous. However, many people like such product. Put the berries in a saucepan, cover with water, add half a Cup of sugar and put the saucepan on a strong fire. Stirring occasionally, bring the mixture to a boil and simmer 5-10 minutes. Pour in a saucepan the remaining sugar and continue cooking for another 20 minutes. To check the readiness of jam, take a little product clean teaspoon and drip dry on a cold saucer. Drop the finished jam should not run.
Try to cook very tasty and flavorful jam made with a mixture of raspberry and strawberry. Sort the berries, the strawberries, rinse thoroughly in running water and remove the sepals. Put raspberries and strawberries in a saucepan, pour a glass of sugar and put on the stove. Stirring with a wooden spatula, cook the mixture for about 15 minutes, then add the remaining sugar. Covariate jam for another 15 minutes, then perform a test on the drop.
If you like a denser gelatinous jams, add the raspberries sweet sour fruits - like apples. Clean them from the skin and seeds, slice thin. Place them in a saucepan, cover with water and add a Cup of sugar. Stirring occasionally, cook the apples until they begin to soft after boiling.
Sort through the raspberries, if necessary, wash and mash through a sieve to bones left on the grid. The resulting mass lay out the apples, pour two cups of sugar, stir and cook for another 30 minutes. Ready jam mix until homogeneous, cool and pour into pre-sterilized jars.