Determine what material is made your amulet. View the table of compatibility of certain materials with your zodiac sign. Effective amuletyou get from wood, stones, crystals, gold, silver and other metal. The metal tends to accumulate negative energy, so before making the amuletand it should be buried in the ground for two days to clear. The stone does not necessarily have to be expensive. You can select normal quartz.
Select the time for making an amuletor talisman. All actions aimed at attracting into your life good luck, love, prosperity, produced a new moon or during the waxing moon. Also important is the day of the week. For example, Friday patronage of Venus, so it's best in this day to make amulet to attract into your life love. Wednesday (day of mercury) make a talisman for attracting success in business, etc. in addition to moon phase and day of the week it is worth considering the time of day.
Get creative about the look of your amuletand talisman. As a talisman, choose those items that you associate with what you want to attract. For example, the rose petals speak of love and passion; of coins or bills all associated with prosperity. You can make an amulet in the form of a pouch, in the form of a pendant or the Egyptian Ankh. In General, choose a shape that is close to you. Wear amulet, s-mascots is always with you and no one can see it.
Wear silver or wood jewelry. It is the best protective amulets from damage, the evil eye or negative emotions of other people. If you do not like to wear rings and earrings made of wood and silver, wear silver coin or a small piece of wood in his pocket (oak, cherry, cypress, birch and sandalwood). To attract money we need a new coin yellow. Do not part with this coin-a talisman, don't show it to anyone. Periodically remove the coin and mentally desire to come to you money and good luck.