Get your priorities correct. It is clear that want to buy a fur coat, and go to sea, and to change the car. But if you save everything in the end will remain without savings. Define a goal and begin to set aside small amounts only. And when you will get what you wanted, set a different goal.
Evaluate your true opportunities. If your salary is not more than 25 thousand, does it make sense to save for a house in Miami? Get training, find a better paying job, and then on the house delay. And while it is possible to save for a ticket to America. Suddenly you don't like it?
Calculate what amount you can safely defer from each paycheck. In any case, do not deprive yourself of necessities and small pleasures. Otherwise, the temptation to end the hoarding and to spend all of that could delay will be too large. Usually set aside 10 percent of the total income to the Treasury can afford any working person. If your income is above average, you can save 15 to 50 percent, without abandoning their traditional way of life.
Keep your money where you will not be able to get them instantly. To open a Deposit in a Bank with good interest with the ability to recharge is a great option. Usually, the conditions of such deposits is such that when withdrawing the amount before time, all accumulated to this interest burn. Agree, shame to lose the money almost in your pocket. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will run to the Bank when you suddenly want to treat yourself. And the most unreliable ways of storing money is on Deposit card or home in a box from-under footwear. To destroy a stash easier.
Reward yourself. As soon as you accumulate a third of the planned amount, make a gift, and not necessarily material. You can arrange a surprise holiday or to spend the whole evening watching TV, laying aside all business. And the accumulation of the second third again don't forget to pamper yourself. And when the whole amount will you have on hand, put it at least a few rubles. This will be the beginning of future savings on a new goal.