The first step should be to thoroughly analyze all spending and receipt of money and to understand whether there is a resource for savings. Think about what you can donate for the trip to the seaside or to the mountains. Perhaps the list would be one hundred and thirty first lipstick or two hundred and twentieth dress. it may be easier to get to unsubscribe from the weekly trips to restaurants or the consumption of alcohol.
Then calculate how much money is needed for the realization of a dream. Find out the cost of the trip you want to go on vacationNoah period. Consider all the additional costs that threaten you on holiday – sightseeing, shopping, entertainment. Let's say you realized that you need to save up to September 80 thousand. Well, if the problem of the accumulation of you attended in March. This means that every month you will need to be postponed for 10-12 thousand roubles (the remaining amount can be taken from the vacationones).
Measure the necessary amount of travel with the usual costs and start to curtail spending and/or raise money. This will help some Golden rules.
Before going to the store make a list of necessary products and other goods. He will not make impulse purchases and not to purchase unnecessary things, or those without which it is possible to do.
Before to buy something, make all required payments for the apartment, utilities, telephone and Internet, credit, etc.
Select the method of accumulation. To put money "in stockings" - irrelevant, they will depreciate in the force constant of inflation. To do the same. If the funds are in the Bank, less temptation to take them and spend on the implementation of the planned purpose, but for something else. Pick the urgent Bank contribution accumulation or another. You can also put the finances on a credit card. But in this case, try not to use it for purchases, otherwise you can quietly spend all the savings, and not on vacation.