First and foremost, your poem should be a strong "technical" side. Any poems you need to write correctly. Blunders in the most simple words is able to alienate the reader. It should be clear and precise. Use introductory words only for chords and words-parasites in the poems (especially about love), you need to exclude. Do not abuse the unions in the beginning of the line.
If you started the poem in a specific rhythm, keep it to the end. Frequent and inappropriate transitions from one meter to another is difficult to perceive. The impression that the author is new, and not talented. Re-read already written, check yourself. Do not stretch the pages that can be present in a couple of stanzas.
Love poems play on the thin strings of the human soul, therefore, your creation should get a response in the listener. It would seem that it is not so difficult, because almost everyone at least once in their life loved. But success depends not on what someone once had, and how accurately you can describe the state of love. Deposit read and popular poem about love – the closeness of your thoughts with the experiences of other people.
Bright and colorful images are better remembered, so in love lyrics lot of metaphors and similes. Learn how to use them in those places where it is really necessary, but do not overdo it. For beautiful paintings of the imagination should not get lost sense and logic of your product.
Greater response from the audience find poems about love suffering, pain and torture, than the verse in the spirit of "we met, fell in love, everything is wonderful". Firstly, due to the fact that the reader tries described the situation and compares whether it was a he, and second of all, people are just more interesting to read about the tragedy and the broken destiny. And this is not sadistic, but only a child-like curiosity of the soul, which absorbs your poems.