Discard stereotypes. Restaurant meals new combination of unusual components and an unusual flavor accents. For example, the chef recommended to add to fish forcemeat a little honey, and soup – sugar. Bolder experiment. Try to add it to the soup with the cilantro instead of parsley, and sour cream sauce to throw a pinch of curry – you will get a brand new taste nuances.
One of the important differences of restaurant dishes from home – extensive use of all kinds of sauces and spices. Explore the flavors. Do not use the ready mix bags and bottles. Prepare pasta sauces independently, vary the sets of spices for steaks, soup or pilaf.
Use professional recipes. You can find them in magazines for restaurateurs and professional websites. If you do not understand the terminology, read books, which are learning the future professionals of the catering. There you can learn a lot about the principles of the restaurant kitchen.
If you like a dish in a restaurant or cafe, carefully read the list of ingredients on the menu. In good restaurants it is customary to chat with the chef. You can invite him to the gym, to praise successful dish and ask for the recipe. Usually flattered the boss doesn't refuse the comfort. However, note that a couple of secret ingredients he can hide.
Seriously wishing to learn the restaurant kitchen and to cook at home dishes of high level, it is necessary to enroll for home cooks. These classes can be short term - in the form of several workshops, or long enough. Choose a course where you will learn not only to make a dish from pre-prepared ingredients, but also to correctly prepare the products.
Learn basic principles of restaurant serving. Do not post landscapes on plates and not decorate the dish with roses of the sausage and the lilies archery. Carving – a separate art form, which is widely used for buffets and banquets, however, the serving portions hardly occurs. Instead of Apple swans and baskets adorn a mound of lettuce with a couple of olives, and the mashed potatoes and vegetable chips and feathers chives Luka. Decorate the dish with drops of sauce or oil, herbs or pepper seeds.
Use the products that I buy chef restaurants. Today in large cities there are specialized stores where you can buy everything you need – from new Zealand lamb to exotic fruits. Many of the chefs personally choose the necessary products in the local markets. Follow their example. The quality of the raw materials depends on the taste of the final dish.