The main helper in the development of the cooking, most likely, will become your mother. After all, she was for many years preparing you for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you often do not notice that mom is busy in the kitchen. It will tell you which meals are prepared faster, but also with pleasure will show and give practical advice from his rich experience.
The Internet is a mine of information, so it would be wise to contact him in search of recipes. A huge amount of women striving to cook tasty, without spending a lot of time, because they have more work, family, Hobbies and the dog needs a walk. Therefore, in blogs, social networks and forums you can find threads where girls share recipes to cook which will take more than an hour. Safe there sign up and transfer prescriptions, check if any of the items you do not understand.
If you just started to learn cooking, preparing meals, just follow the recipe. Over time you will intuitively understand what if you replaced salt, cherry tomatoes, fresh, you need to add a dish of sugar, otherwise it will go sour. And while you are learning, follow the advice of more experienced chefs.
Scrambled eggs, toast, fried eggs – a dish that can cook almost everyone who has reached the age of ten. Very fast, but not very tasty? Experiment! Add the omelet, greens, mushrooms and cheese, grate croutons of black bread with garlic, white bread soak in milk, mixed with egg and cinnamon – you get the French toast. To the eggs add ham and tomatoes. Ordinary dishes will acquire a new taste. In the same Internet you can find many recipes of hot and cold sandwiches, tasting that, no one can say that you made them in haste.