Turn on computer, log on as an administrator. Go to the start menu by clicking on the corresponding button in the lower left corner (for English version of Windows is the Start button). Click on the tab "Run", type the word ping and the name of your DNS server corresponding to the data specified in the router, ADSL modem or on the website of DNS service provider. Clicking on the "OK" button, you will see a line with the specified it IP the address your server.
To find the IP address of the gaming DNS server, you need to run the game, and then establish a connection to the Internet. Then turn the window to tray game, for example, clicking on Alt+Tab (used to switch between Windows). Go to the start menu, select Run and in the Open box, type cmd to open a command prompt. Click on the "OK" or Enter.
Appeared in the console command line, specify option netstat and press Enter to confirm the operation. It should be noted that if the value you entered incorrectly, simply press Enter, and then type what was going.
Verify the data you submitted in the form of a list of connections your PC currently indicating an open port and IP address. To determine the affiliation of the address to your DNS server again, click on the tab "Run" and type in the opened window the following:

ping servername /t.
Click on the "OK" button to confirm the command execution. The desired value will be enclosed in square brackets in the middle of a text string. Comparing it with what you learned earlier, you thereby confirm or refute the correctness of the query.
And the last option. Go to the website This is a free service that allows to find out DNS servers. In addition, you are able to determine the address of the host trace and also test the proxy server and much more.