Open any browser. Typing the characters, which is a standard address for network devices. Verify that the network cable is connected from one side to the network card of your computer, and on the other to the router.
Try to search login and password to the documentation for your router, if a message appears stating that the password was not accepted. As an alternative, locate the small hole on the back panel labeled Reset and a long thin object to press the button inside. So you set the factory settings and will be able to use a standard password.
Locate the link to NetworkSettings or LAN. Different vendors provide their own names, but at least one network option is mentioned necessarily. The mouse pointer, select the desired section and find a submenu that includes the DHCP on the router, such as DHCP settings or the DHCP service.
Check the box Enable DHCP server. Below it are two fields where you need to specify the IP addresses that are valid for your network, for example, - This will allow you to limit the number of simultaneous users of Internet resources. Through the wireless router, you can specify only two addresses, for example, for your cell phone and laptop, what is the easiest way to secure the connection.
Select the field that is designated as GatewayAdress or DefaultGateway. Select the address for the network gateway (ip address), which will become a gateway to the Internet for each of the connected computers. Most often it is the same as the address of the router:
Save the results by clicking at the bottom of the page is the Save button, and then clicking on the next button Save/Reboot. So you restart the router in order for the changes to take effect.