You will need
  • bandage maternity belt for pregnant women;
  • bandage-pants for pregnant women;
  • - belt-scarf.
Find out if your required belt for pregnant women. If you are a sports person developed with trained muscles, the brace wear is not necessary. Well, if you find it hard to tolerate lower back pain you have low back pain or curvature of the spine, weak abdominal muscles or any types of obstetric pathology, the wearing of belts for pregnant women will be for you a truly "magic wand".
Pick up the bandage for pregnant women appropriate size, pre-measured at the level of the navel waist size. Try on the jockstrap, making sure the convenience of wearing it. The belt should be wide, so when worn it does not twist and do not create you discomfort. If it is lightweight and virtually invisible under clothing made of elastic and breathable fabric, without seams, and special plexus of fibers perfectly supports the abdominal muscles, it is just what you need.
Convenient Velcro belt
Wear a belt for pregnant women on underwear to protect themselves from the constant washing. Do it in a vertical position, as lying on the back when the abdominal muscles are not stretched. It is recommended some time to lie still, that the child has moved from the lower part of the belly higher. Lock the bandage for pregnant strap until it is comfortable not to much pressure on the stomach and not too loosely. Turn over on your side and slowly stand up.
Bandage clothing with stitched elastic tape removes the strain on the back and supports without squeezing the abdomen. Belly, swell and stretches the tape. A tie produced in the form of shorts. Bandage clothing also wear in the lying position. As bandage clothing is used as a linen will buy to replace a few of such products.
Buy in shop a special belt and a scarf if your favorite jeans or skirt is hard to zip up. Stretch fabric belt-a scarf will hide the fact that the clothes are unbuttoned, and will keep it from slipping from the hips. Tied at the waist, a scarf will unload the spine, performing, to some extent, the function of the brace. Sometimes use ordinary handkerchiefs.
Use a scarf as a bandage
Can pick up a belt and a scarf to match the main clothes. Or, conversely, to allocate it an independent element to your outfit. Hide it from view under a blouse or trousers to highlight the bright spot of gaudy figure, exalted by the colours, the lace trim - it all depends on your preference. Some pregnant ladies get a few belts, shawls, as they say, on all occasions. By the way, they are inexpensive.