You will need
  • For beet mix: - 350 g of beet; - 2 apples; - 3 carrots.
Possessing a number of useful properties, the beet juice can be inserted into the child's diet at the age of eight months. But concentrated beet juice may cause nausea and even vomiting, so teach him toddler should be gradual. In addition, it is not very pleasant to the taste, to consume beet juice is better in a diluted form.
Choose to juice the root is of medium size, cylindrical shape. Beets should be firm to the touch, dark cherry color, without white veins.
Thoroughly wash beets under running water with a brush, cut the remains of the tops, boil the root with boiling water and peel. Grate the beets on a plastic grater, squeeze the received weight through two layers of sterile gauze. You can use for making beet juice manual juicer.
Beet juice can not give your child fresh, so leave the juice to soak for two hours. Then dilute with boiled water in proportion 1:2 or 1:3 (one part juice to 2-3 parts water). It can also be mixed with carrot and Apple juice or broth hips. Start to give the child a beet juice with one drop. If no allergic reaction will not follow, gradually increase the amount to two teaspoons a day.
For older children, prepare the beetroot mix. Thoroughly wash beets and scrape it from the skin. Then cut into slices and run through the juicer or grate and squeeze the juice from the resulting pulp with a cheesecloth. Be sure to leave the juice on for two hours to settle.
Wash, peel carrots and apples. Prepare the juice from them. Then mix all three juices and stir. We recommend the following proportion of juices: 50 g beet, 50 g carrot, 70 g Apple.
Beet juice is an effective remedy for the treatment of rhinitis. Prepare the beet juice, mix it with boiled water in the ratio of 2:1 (2 drops juice to 1 drop of water). Bury 2-3 times a day 2 drops in each nostril.