There are basic principles in the preparation of the diet for the bodybuilder. You will need to limit the fat intake. Extra deposits beneath the skin will prevent the formation of cubes and spoil all your work. Should give preference to fats contained in seafood and plant foods. Feel free to eat fatty fish and olive oil.
Everywhere and always when eating, remember that one third of your meal should consist of proteins, that is meat, fish, dairy products. The rest is a source of carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, potatoes). The fats you get along with sources of proteins and vegetables replace some of the garnish.
Food eat often and in small portions. In this case, the body constantly maintains the level of enzymes for digestion and blood sugar levels. Get ready to spend more time cooking and eating.
If you still can't cope with the fat on their own, try to use high-quality thermogenic fat burning supplements. Together with them, you will need a vitamin-mineral complex.
Permanently restore the fluid level in your body. During exercise you lose up to a liter of water, and sometimes more. Quench your thirst with clean drinking water. After an intense workout drink the special drinks you can purchase in the gym. They contain 6-8% carbohydrates and potassium with sodium.
Once a week you need to arrange a celebration, which is useful to every man as from a psychological and from a physical point of view. If the body is to keep the "iron fist", he will start to put food supplies in reserve. This "stash" around the waist will not add beauty to your press.
To not get hungry before bedtime, eat a handful of beans and take these with a glass of water. Fiber stimulates your digestive process and will contribute to a better promotion of food.
Make it a rule to examine the composition of products before buying. You need ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut, egg yolks, chicken, rice, fish and other natural products. Learn to cook yourself, buy special collection of recipes for bodybuilders.
Eat slowly, carefully progivanie food. Do not read while eating. By following these principles, you will create "cubes" and save the fine form of your abs in the future.